Fun in the stamp room

Fun in the stamp room

What else is there to have there?

friend and upline, Sharon, came over on Wednesday and we had a ton of
fun stamping! Here’s what she made (she actually made two and gave me

Cool, yes? I am so lucky. I called Sharon to sign up with
Stampin’ Up! when I had never even met her. She had done a workshop for
my former SU! demo who was going out of business and wanted to turn her
customers over to someone else. Stampin’ Up! recommended Sharon and I
didn’t go to the workshop, but got a catalog and was going to place an
order. Unfortunately, the workshop was just before 9/11 and after that,
stamps didn’t seem very important for a long time. As a result, I never
did place the order.

Then a couple of years later, I decided to
sign up. I didn’t have a demo, but I still had that catalog, so I
called the number on the back of the catalog, made an appointment with
Sharon to go fill out the paperwork and we hit it off immediately. Now
I not only have a great upline, I have a wonderful friend too!

is what I made. I don’t have this set, but Sharon brought hers over and
I have borrowed it for a little while. I used sponge daubers to
"burnish" the color inside the images, then highlighted using the Signo
white gel pen.

I’ve decided to let you see inside my stamp
room…it’s not exactly clean (don’t tell Flylady!) but it’s fairly
tidy…comparatively anyway! You don’t want to even see it after I’ve
spent time getting ready for a workshop; then it’s a disaster area!

some pictures. I’ve scrounged more than half of what I use in my room
from other areas of the house. Shoe organizers were in my daughters’
room until it became patently obvious that they had no intention of
putting anything but trash and dirty clothes in them. The closet shelf
pieces were in all the bedroom closets and were "liberated" to become
my stamp shelves. Rolling carts used to be used for toys, but no
longer! Old dressers, an old filing cabinets with a piece of countertop
over them that used to be our computer desk, and my grandmother’s
yellow formica kitchen table all have found a home in here.

my bulletin boards are full of display cards, but you can see this one
is empty…so I need to make more samples, obviously! It’s time to
start working seriously on Christmas stamping, so I placed a large
order on Monday evening and will be getting it next week. In the
meantime, I can play with the stamps Sharon lent me. But today, alas, I
have to go and set up for the big retired stamp sale at my church our
group is having, so playing with stamps will have to wait until tonight.

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