I got a layout done!

I got a layout done!

I don’t do as much scrapbooking as I used to. Anyone else suffer from
scrap guilt? I know I do. As the photos start to pile up, I avert my
eyes. That’s what so great about digital photograph…all those photos,
safely stashed on your computer, out of sight (and unfortunately, out
of mind.)

When I became a Stampin’ Up! demo, I had already
gotten behind. Card making was just more fun at that time (I swing back
and forth…started with cards, then got hooked on scrapping and did
that more, then switched back to cards.) But after I started doing this
as a business, I got even MORE behind.

I can remember receiving
a phone call in my first year from someone thinking of signing up. She
said, "I want to do this to make more time for scrapping." I felt
uncomfortable. Because since I had signed up, I had done LESS
scrapbooking than before and seemed to have less time for it. Should I
say anything?

As it happened, I never did hear back from her, so
I didn’t get the chance to explain about my struggle to find time for
scrapbooking. But it probably would not have applied to her anyway.

truth is, we are all different. I was behind before I signed up…I
have really just continued the same. And part of the problem was I was
taking duplicate photos and redoing layouts with Stampin’ Up! products.
Rather than taking new photos that had not been scrapped yet, creating
all SU! layouts with them that can be slipped into the scrapbooks when
their business purpose is over. So I’ve started to do that. And I’ve
gotten more done.

Before, I spent 5 nights out of 7 scrapbooking
for 3 to 4 hours. I’d get one or two layouts done a night. At least 7
layouts a week. Now I’m lucky if I get that done in a month. I’m still
looking for a solution.

Yesterday I went to my friend Mary’s
house to scrapbook. First, let me say that I am not a person that goes
to crops, at least not very much. When I started scrapbooking, I did it
at home on my dining room table. After I got an area set up in the
basement (now my classroom) I did it all down there. I like scrapping
alone. I get a lot done. It seems counterproductive to me to pile all
my supplies in a tote (which can take an hour!) and go somewhere else
to scrap. Inevitably, I find that I have left something at home that I
need, so I can’t complete what I was trying to do. Why not just stay
home where it all is and I can get at it?

But scrapbooking with
other people can be a lot of fun. So I have resolved to do more of it.
When I showed up at Mary’s house, she nearly fell over backwards in
surprise (yes, she had invited me!) And I stayed for 2 hours and
finished a layout. Here it is:

blurred the faces. I’m sorry…I just have gotten a little worried
about internet safety. This blog is a bit more open to the public than
a lot of other places. So I hope you can survive not seeing how very
cute my kids are…or were…this was 2002.

This layout uses the
new Simply Scrappin’ Kit called All the Trimmings. I’ve also used a
chipboard letter from the new On Board Simon Lower. This was fun. I’m
not going to put any journaling on the page, because it would just be
the usual: "The kids had so much fun decorating the tree…yada yada
yada." The fact that they had fun is evident. No need to repeat it.

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