New stuff is always good….

New stuff is always good….

Got some new stuff…oh, yeah, baby!

One of my new recruits emailed me about her kit coming tomorrow and said, "It’s going to be like Christmas!"

it still is, 3 years later. I really enjoy being a demonstrator. There
have been times I’ve wanted to quit, usually when I’ve overextended
myself and took on too much. After Christmas this past year I really
thought about it. I was tired, at a creative low ebb, and I was feeling
like I just had too much stuff and should stop while I was ahead.

the Spring Mini came out and I was a goner again. I got very excited
about stamping with the new sets in there and the summer mini was also
a winner.

not as thrilled with the Holiday Mini (for which I was thankful, having
bought almost everything in both Spring and Summer minis!), but I
already had to order one more set than my initial order. Here is what
I’ve made with it so far. I really like playing with this set! I
embossed with black EP on Naturals White, then painted in with
Aquapainter and the ink from the pads. While I like the watercolor
crayons, I don’t have any for the In Colors, of course, and this one
uses Cranberry Crisp, a color which I dearly love. Stampin’ Up!
recently issued us a new In Color matching chart with color combos
containing the new colors and our regular colors, so this is the first
combo I picked.

Since I had actually borrowed this set from my
upline, Sharon, before mine came, I ended up making her a copy of this
card when I returned her set; she is doing the same with the sets she
is borrowing from me. I also need to make a copy of the Ornamassortment
card I posted last time for her.

I’ve got all my new sets almost cut…see "Latest Acquisitions" in the sidebar for what I got!

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