More paper!

More paper!

Okay, I know you all are just totally fascinated by what I buy…hee hee….

So here are the latest acquisitions on the paper front. I went to my local stamp store, Scrappin’ and Stampin’
in Livonia because…well, because I always go in there when I go
photocopy the church bulletin at FedEx/Kinko’s two doors down. And I
always photocopy the bulletin there so I can visit the scrapbook store.
Hey, works for me!

And they had a special going, buy $50 get a
$15 gift certificate. I highly doubted I would find $50 I could
spend…I figured even if they had some new paper I had to have, I
could hardly rack up $50 in paper. I don’t buy stamps other than SU!
anymore, and I’m immune to most gadgets. But…


punch was really pricey, but I rationalized it by the fact that I was
getting a $15 gift certificate, so it was really like I was getting it,
well, MOST of it, FREE!!! (I’m good at rationalizing it, aren’t I?) I
like the storage boxes, because a 12 x 12 scrapbook will fit inside,
NOT just the 12 x 12 paper. I have some scrapbooks that I have in a
stack and this will take the pressure off the pages if I put one or two
in each box. Plus I can keep scrapbooks in progress with page packs
that are set up for scrapbooking and when I want to work on one of my
kids books, it will all be in the boxes.

The paper is BoBunny,
which I really like. It’s always a nice combination of whatever is
trendy, but has colors that work well for little kids and big kid pages.

week I’m going to start some swaps for the Lansing Regional Seminar,
plus a Christmas swap I just joined. Oh, and swaps for the Splitcoast
dinner after the seminar, which will also have a Christmas theme…it’s
beginning to look a lot like October, when crafters everywhere turn
their thoughts to December…when you work in this industry, you start
feeling disconnected from real life because you live about 2 months in
advance of everyone else!

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