And the number is….

And the number is….


I have so many embarrASSing stories it is hard to pick just one, but I’ll pick the one I’d like most to forget…  I was 18 and legal drinking age back then (land of dinosaurs, I know) in Iowa.  My BFF and I went to a local drinking establishment to see if we could ever get used to the awful taste of beer (we did).  I wore a dress with a large circular skirt (think poodle skirt shape).  SOMEHOW my skirt and slip both got tucked in the waistband of my pantyhose and I was sitting on a bar stool with one cheek fully exposed.  Here I thought I was just an attractive young thing getting attention, but it was my HALF-BARE BUTT.  As soon as I found out why there was a breeze, I fixed it, told my friend I was leaving, and left the back exit!  OMG it was awful!


Congratulations Nancy! I feel kind of good giving you this blog candy, because obviously you have lived a life of trauma and embarrassment (and while the comment was supposed to tell me about embarrassing stamping stories, coming up with a stamping one was not essential to winning, only posting a comment was)…of course, I can relate to your embarrASSing story, having once broken a window with my BUTT in junior high, the time when it is easier to be embarrassed than any other time in your life, so breaking a window with my BUTT (chocolate at work already!) scored a Triple Embarrassment Score on the great Scrabble game of my life, but I digress…

I’ve got your email and will drop you a line to get your address so I can send out your stamps!

In the meantime, the rest of you can feast your eyes on my special Christmas banner, which I designed myself with some digital goodies I got here. Pamela puts tons of stuff on her blog for free, but also has a great Ebay site for more digital goodies!

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