Stampin’ Up! Visions of Santa – once again!

Stampin’ Up! Visions of Santa – once again!

I really prefer to mix up things when I post so I'm not posting about the same set twice in a row, but I. Cannot. Resist!

This is one of the other warped ideas I had for this set, and honestly, I can't imagine the artist that drew this did not have this in mind, so it was my duty to make sure the artist got to see that idea spring forth into a card, right? It Had to be DONE!


You saw it here first! STINKIN' CUTE! (YILM!) In order to turn the candy cane into a pole, I lightly drew a line in pencil then I stamped it once at the top with the hook in place. After that, I simply reinked only part of the stamp without the hook and stamped it over and over again until the pole was the length I wanted, and then I erased the pencil.


The words were done with the new Alphabet rotary stamp, except for the question mark, which I added by hand.


Usually, I try not to buy embellishments like this because I have such trouble using them and not wanting to waste them by putting them on something and then not liking it, but I threw them on the order with the paper as a sort of filler to get the order to a certain number, and on this card, this snowflake was the perfect finishing touch.

Rest assured, I have not run out of ideas for this set, but I have to admit, this is the most warped one!

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