Stampin Up Letterpress Winter Snowflake Flip Card

Stampin Up Letterpress Winter Snowflake Flip Card

It's time to post this card, of which I made a total of 11, most of which should have arrived by now. Yes, I actually managed to send some cards out this year. It's been a few years since I have managed to send out Christmas cards, highly ironic considering I started this hobby to, wait for it, SAVE MONEY on my Christmas cards!!! From Millan.NetOnce you stop laughing, you can keep reading.

The first batch of cards that I sent out were the ones I made using the November Paper Pumpkin kit. Once I had used those up, sending cards to my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and other immediate family members, I decided I would send out cards to my nieces and their families. I have 7 nieces, and there were a few more friends I needed to send to as well.

I actually planned on just going through my large box of already made cards, but as so often happen I got carried away with the idea of making the same card for everyone, and I thought I would just make it easier on myself and copy something I had already made. I had made this back in September and just hadn't gotten around to posting it yet. And for some crazy reason, I thought that this card would be pretty easy to duplicate 10 times. Ha!


GOJUS! (YILM!) Some more views:


I did the trick where you make a flap that folds in.




There is a trick to making the snowflake that perfectly lines up over the flippy part. If you are very interested and haven't figured it out for yourself, I just might do a video if there is enough interest.


I actually simplified this part and didn't do it on the ten copies, because it was just too much to do. Instead I stamped the snowflake shape directly on the white cardstock with Soft Sky and stamped the Merry Christmas in Lost Lagoon over the top of that.

I hope my nieces enjoyed their cards because, even though none of this was hard to do, there were a lot of steps and little pieces that would go astray and have to be redone. By the end of making these, which stretched over a couple of days, I was heartily sick of them, LOL! And found all those little pieces that got lost underneath of or stuck to things on my desk.

Well, we've arrived at Christmas Eve. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas.

From Millan.NetAs for me, I get 3 days of paid vacation starting today, and since the weekend comes right after, I have 5 days off in a row! This hasn't happened in forever and is mostly because I had accrued a bunch of time off for working my tail off to earn them, but I could only carry over so many into the new year so I actually had to use them! Otherwise, your faithful medical transcriptionists are out there working, usually on the day of Christmas itself if they have hospital accounts or doctors who think that Christmas Eve or Christmas Day would be a great time to catch up on all that dictation they are behind on.

You can buy everything I used to make this card up until January 5th, so if you haven't snagged some of this yet, I would head on over to my website ASAP. Some of the Holiday Catalog stuff is on the Year End Closeout being offered right now, and they have just added new items!

Product List


And yes, this card is for sale on Etsy. Based on sales of the Polar Express card from last time (I ended up making more of them, and they have all sold!) I went ahead and listed this one too!

Edited to add: I did create a video for this card which you can view here.



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