Rough Glitter Stripes Background Tutorial

Rough Glitter Stripes Background Tutorial

First of all, thank you so much for all your kind comments on my post yesterday. They really made me feel so loved and supported. There's really no place like the paper crafting community!

Now, on to the insanity!

Now that I'm free to mix it up, as it were, with other products, here I go mixing it up with SU! products, LOL. But I did use a retired set and mixed it with a current set, all along with this smashing background that just came to me and is so easy, you are really going to love it! Unless you have something against glitter. Which I know some of you do, but I think I may just convert you with this one! Lookie:


GOJUS! (YILM!) One of those instances where the card I had in mind translated itself right to the paper. I used the retired set Holiday Home with the matching framelits, and the current set Flurry of Wishes.


I turned the spray of leaves from the Bird Builder punch into fir branches by making tiny cuts along the edges of the leaves. I know. I'm crazy. But it's a good crazy!


I grabbed my paper crimper for the little mat that's peeking out from behind the main image.


I bet you want to know how I created my Rough Glitter Stripes background. I call it that because the lines are not perfectly even, with rough edges, but I think it looks like the side of a log cabin with snow on the logs. Or something like that. Anyway, it's COOL. And I'm going to show you how to do it!



You need:

  • Glitter (any color you please, I used Dazzling Diamonds)
  • Card stock (any color)
  • Cartridge-style adhesive. I used Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive because the cartridge is easy to handle and gave me the rough-edged look I wanted.
  • A ruler
  • A gridded mat or paper
  • A piece of computer paper
  • A brayer


Line up your card stock on the gridded mat so that it is centered over one line of your choice.


Lay your ruler over the card stock 1/2" from one end.


Run a line of adhesive on the card stock by running the cartridge along the ruler, making sure to start off the paper at the top of your line and going off the bottom so you get a continuous line of adhesive. The stripe of adhesive will not be perfect, which is perfect for this technique! The bits of adhesive that end up on your mat help hold the paper in place, and you can clean the adhesive off your mat with Goo Gone after you're done.


Move the ruler down 1/2" each time and repeat.


When you're done it will look like this!


Place your card stock in a secure location for glitter application. I keep this Tidy Tray just for glitter because it's almost impossible to get it all out and so I just never clean it out.


Cover the card stock with glitter. Oooooohhhh, pretty!


Pick up the card stock and allow the excess to drop back into the tray. Will some of it end up on your face, in your hair, and everywhere? Of course, but that is the magic of glitter, the gift that keeps on giving.


Now, place the computer paper on top of your glittered piece.


Brayer over the top of the paper on top of the card stock, which will mash the glitter firmly into the adhesive and keep 99% of it from coming off. The 1% that will come off is just the price you pay for beauty.




You'll find that a Swiffer cloth is great for picking up the glitter that ended up on your table. I'm sorry, but it's not much help for the glitter that ends up on your husband's steak at dinner time.

Now, go make a card! Ta!



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