Essentials by Ellen Mondo Hydrangea

Essentials by Ellen Mondo Hydrangea

I'm a sucker for hydrangea stamps, so when I saw this big and beautiful hydrangea stamp by Julie Ebersole, I ordered it as soon as it was available. The problem about getting things immediately after they are released is that you see so many samples that are amazing that it's hard to come up with anything amazing yourself, but I did my very very best. Lookie:


GOJUS!!! (YILM!) I pulled out the Copics again for this.


OOOOH, pretty colors! I stamped the hydrangea stamp then masked it off to stamp the leaves around it.


I added a slight shadow underneath the leaves and flowers.


And I did the same underneath the greeting, just to pop it forward a bit. The hardest part was figuring out where to put the rhinestones, but I finally managed. Those rhinestones took a grand tour around the front of the card before they finally ended up where they are now.

Below is my list of products that I used, and I have used affiliate links where they are available, as I now participate in affiliate programs for Simon Says Stamp, Amazon, Ellen Hutson LLC,, and Blick Art Supplies. Buying through these links helps support my blog and my artistic endeavors, and I thank you. Stampin' Up! product links lead to their webstore, so please be sure to indicate your preference in demonstrator if it doesn't come up automatically!


Enjoy! Ta!

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