World Watercolor Month

World Watercolor Month

Poking my head up to say I’m not dead!  I’ve actually just been painting a lot instead of making cards.

This is World Watercolor Month, and I have been trying to paint every day, though I have not managed to do every single day. Since I usually end up staying up all night when I paint, I sometimes need to take a break just to get some quality sleep. Anyway, if you’ve been following my Instagram, you know all this.

Last night was spent working on reorganizing my paint palettes. I just acquired some more colors of Daniel Smith, and so I needed to rearrange them according to color, and next I will be painting swatches, not only of the new colors, but a master swatch sheet with all the colors.

Anyway, here are just some of my paintings this month. I also turned my Patreon page back on, so if you’re interested in supporting my art with a monthly contribution, please investigate by following the link in my sidebar or the bottom of this post.

African Violets painting
African Violets ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
Yucca painting
Yucca ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
San Antonio River Walk painting
San Antonio River Walk ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
Pam's Peony painting
Pam’s Peony 1 ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
Pam's Other Peony
Pam’s Other Peony ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
Lake Huron Sunset painting
Lake Huron Sunset ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
Georgia Sunset painting
Georgia Sunset ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg
Barbara's Peony painting
Barbara’s Peony ©2019 Jan Tinklenberg

Some of these have sold, but some are still for sale! Contact me for details.

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