Mitten State Stamps/Technique Junkies August 2019 Release

Mitten State Stamps/Technique Junkies August 2019 Release

It’s time for a new release from Mitten State Stamps and Technique Junkies! This month, Mitten State Stamps is releasing two stamps, Echinacea and Framed Sunflower, and I’ve made cards for both of them, but I’ve also made a card using one of TJ’s new stamps, Desert Landscape Border. Lookie:

Echinacea Card

GOJUS! I drew these beautiful flowers after snapping a picture of my neighbor’s front-yard garden, and I decided to create this beautiful stamp. I painted all my cards using Viviva Color Sheets to paint all my cards, a product that gives brilliant watercolors in a compact handheld palette. They are similar to Peerless Watercolors, though a bit less messy.

Echinacea card detail

One of the things I love most about them is the way the color can be pulled by speckling with water and then blotting off the result.

I also painted my Framed Sunflower card with them. Lookie:

Framed Sunflower Card

GOJUS! The colors are very bright for these paints, which makes them perfect for floral images, but you can achieve more muted tones by mixing and layering colors. This sunflower was growing in our church community garden last year. I love how cheerful sunflowers are, making this image perfect for encouraging cards.

Desert Landscape Border Card

For my final card I painted this gorgeous galaxy, also using Viviva Color Sheet, then stamped the Desert Landscape Border on top using Versafine Onyx Black.

Mitten State Stamps/Technique Junkies August 2019 Release

I love the bright colors of all my cards!

All these stamps are on sale through August 8th and you can get an additional discount using my code TJJan10.

Here are  links for all of the new release:

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And here are the links for all the stops on today’s celebration:

Janine Tinklenberg <–you are here

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